Heraldonline.com & Mahkamah.gov.my pwnd!

1st topic.

This website has been hacked on 4th of January 2010, two days after a High Court decision allowing Catholics to use “Allah” to describe the Christian God in the national language. WTF!?

For more stories about what is happening, just go to Herald Malaysia and read out the stories inside.. 🙂

2nd topic.

This is another website that have been hacked on 7th of January 2010, just 3 days after the Herald Malaysia been pawned.

Just my opinion, I think this action is because court’s decision that allow The Herald to use the word ‘Allah’ in its publication.

More news in here and here.

Huh! What a long journey for the 1st week of 2010..

Baru masuk tahun baru, dah macam-macam kes berlaku..

Macam-macam hal la..

p/s : Kepada pembaca sekalian, saya harap anda dapat nilai apa isi tersirat yang sebenarnya saya ingin sampaikan dalam artikel ini..

Any Comments?

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