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ESET Nod32 Taiwan pwn! :)

Today, another Nod32 website has been pwnd/hacked..

Here is the screenshot :

ESET NOD32 Taiwan

So, in this peaceful day, i have something give for you all.. 🙂

new_key=J112-mgf7f4r8u   org_key=J102-e4rdefyr5
new_key=J112-r6w87jwy2   org_key=J102-e5xzgsrfw
new_key=J112-spgbw2j5w   org_key=J102-e7tj8p3ww
new_key=J112-p94sfm3yt   org_key=J102-e83dteggq
new_key=J112-tm6v4yttt   org_key=J102-e9wwn8h4f
new_key=J112-uwwqk7vjy   org_key=J102-eax58prwg
new_key=J112-syw3wr7wp   org_key=J102-eb5c58mkj
new_key=J112-e4u6emunx   org_key=J102-ebcekvqed
new_key=J112-tsaudq3cy   org_key=J102-ecnf7u3ue
new_key=J112-ycbmr376x   org_key=J102-ecnhq856w

Brand new NOD32 key.. ahaha..

This thing really annoying me..


Because their website security is really low..

They dont manage their db very well..

I just wondering why they put important files like serial key, password, username, and others important files in their database without encrypting it..

Like some of the db that i found, mostly they dont encrypt their password..

Sound bad to me.. 🙂

Anyway, see you next time!

Assalamualaikum.. 🙂