wrong pattern entered during verify pineapple.
wrong pattern entered during verify pineapple.

Recently, I have a cool weekend project to do at home. Kinda spending a good time with my gadgets. 😀 So I decided to install Wifi Pineapple Mark 5 version 2.2.0 on my TP-Link MR3020 version 1.9. Its a straight forward step and you can follow that tutorial on my personal wiki at wiki.khairulazam.net.

After the installation finished, you need to go through the pineapple security measure as a part of setting up pineapple for the first time.

You need to select the correct pattern on that page to match with the blinking LED on your device. But… you know why. because you installing the firmware on different hardware. LOL

So, if you also have and facing the same problem, its okay. With a help from Fikri Fadzil, lets bypass the pattern verification >_<

First, power off you device. After that, unplug the USB pendrive that contain pineapple firmware and plug in it to your computer. I use Ubuntu Desktop to make this step easier.

Go to this directory:


* /media/a7ac8712-5a08-49da-b9e1-2ede31828bda/ may be different as yours. take note what your USB drive mounted on your OS.

And edit this file:


Go to line 199. Or search for keyword “array_search” in this “welcome.inc.php” file.

Edit the code from this:

if (array_search($post['amber'], $action_array) == $current_state[0]
    && array_search($post['blue'], $action_array) == $current_state[1]
    && array_search($post['red'], $action_array) == $current_state[2]
) {
    $_SESSION['verified'] = true;
    return passwordForm();

to this:

if (true)
    $_SESSION['verified'] = true;
    return passwordForm();

Save this code. Unmount/eject your USB pendrive and plug in on your MR3020 back.

After that, just power on your device, and try to go through the verify pattern step back again. At this time, it will accept any pattern you like.

Then proceed to the next step. Happy hacking! 🙂

By zam

9 thoughts on “Wifi Pineapple Mark V MR3020 – Bypass verify_pineapple LED pattern”
  1. Hello!
    Thank you for all of yours tutorials.
    In my case changing code in file welcome.inc.php didn’t work. It looks like nothing changed.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi. i not really sure whats the problem. I guess the code is not changed properly. Try to re-check it back again.

  2. Hello Zam… thanks for the tutorial above Confirm that it works on my mr3020

    Just a question. I have installed the Pineapple 2.3.0 firmware but it keeps telling me that the “PineAP is not running. Cannot load settings.” Pressing the “start PineAP” does not seem to change the status.

    Do you have this?

  3. Same problem on the Pineapple 2.3.0 firmware – PineAP is not running. Cannot load settings.
    Also SSLStrip gets enabled but does not report anything. logs are blank, console too

    Pineapple 2.4.0 firmware – has a DIP Switch check….


  4. Hello, this bypass is great, thank you very much! Do you know if version 2.7.0 is still working? I read something about a verification by DIP

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