As usual, start your CTF by read the question/description that indeed “very helpful” XD

Download the “” & extract it. You’ll get the folders like below:

So I randomly checked under the svc_wgmy folder, the most interesting folder is on Desktop:

I see there’s a file named “flag.png”. But when I try to view it, it shows error:

hmm. Let’s see what filetype is this:

Oh! It’s a Zip archive. Let’s open it using 7-Zip:

Enter password? Hmm.. But I don’t have the password. Let’s search for password in the evidence given.

I tried checked on \evidence\svc_wgmy\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data; to see if Chrome browser history might have clue or password. But its empty.

So I go check on \evidence\svc_wgmy\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client\Cache folder:

It contains 2 file; .bmc & .bin file.

I went to search for those 2 file extension & came across with this site –

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I'm not sure if this will help, available from the Guidance Software website. It mentions that it can be used to extract images from the files with *.bmc and *.bin extension.


Hmm.. RDP Cached Bitmap Extractor. So its related to something something RDP image something something :p

So I went to use tool from here:

I use the “-b/–bitmap” option – Provide a collage bitmap aggregating all the tiles.

After the operation complete, you’ll get a file “*_collage.bmp“. If you look carefully, you’ll see an “Enter password” image/screenshot:

Enter the password that you see from .bmp file to open the flag.txt inside

Note: I guess the hint “Where aRe you?” probably want to hint about RDP? Maybe…

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