Macam tajuk kat atas,
aku nak share ngan korang 1 benda ni..
Benda ni firewall untuk website korang..
Aku tengok benda ni bagus dari segi fungsi-fungsi yang die berikan..

Antara requirements yang dia nak ialah;

PHP Firewall is recommended for PHP websites only.
Server requirements
PHP Firewall is written in PHP.
PHP 5 and more is required on your server.
No database required.
PHP Firewall runs on Linux server, MS Windows or other one web server.
PHP Firewall is a small free PHP script, but secure all websites writen in PHP.
Last version 1.0.2 – 04/01/2010
PHP Firewall required PHP 5.
PHP Firewall doesn’t use any database, but flatfile system.
It’s very small, very simple, really easy to install and fastest.
PHP Firewall have is own logs system and email alert.
No .htaccess file required for betters performances

So, antara fungsi-fungsi yang ada ialah;

* XSS protection
* UNION SQL Injection protection
* Bads bots protection
* Bads requests methods protection
* Small DOS protection
* Inclusion files protection
* Santy and others worms protection
* Server Protection
* URL Query protection
* Cookies sanitize
* Post vars sanitize
* Get vars sanitize
* IPs range reserved denied
* IPs range spam denied
* IPs protected
* Unset globals PHP var

Haa.. Menarik kan?
So, aku cadangkan korang try pakai benda ni..
Tak rugi pun..

Benda ni free dan boleh didapati di laman yang berikut.

By zam

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