Geo/Social stalking is fun. Bing Maps has the ability to add various “apps” to the map to enhance your bind maps experience. One of the cooler ones is the Twitter Map app which lets you map geotagged tweets.

Let’s start with somewhere fun, like at German-Malaysian Institute (GMi), Bangi and see who’s tweeting around there.. ;D

First, open

Then, you can change the view to Aerial View for more nicer look. ;D
You may change to other place you want to view e.g. your home, college, workplace

Then, select Map apps options..

Then, select Twitter Maps apps..

Wait for a while for the page to reload the necessary thing (loading tweet around the map you currently viewing) 

 Aaannndd.. Ta-Da! Happy Stalking. ;D

Thanks to carnal0wnage for this tips. 😉

By zam

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