In this tutorial, I will show you how to setup UnrealIRCd on Ubuntu 12.04.

1.Update OS and install required packages:

2.Maximize limits
The default max amount of connections for a user is 1024.
Open the file for edit by:

Go to line 63:

change the value 1024 to 64000

3.Add new user
We are not going to install the IRCd from root, so we are adding new user (ircd), and lifting its limit:

Scroll down to the end of file (use the [Page Down] button on your keyboard). Add the following 2 lines at the end of file:

4.Now add the new user for ircd

it will require you to enter new password for user ircd:

it also will ask about new user info. mine is like this:

5.Login to the new user ircd

To make sure you’re actually logged in as ‘ircd’ type:

6.Begin IRCd Setup
Download & install UnrealIRCd

Then, run this command to start install:

you will see something like this:

press [ENTER]. Then you can hit [SPACE] until you see this:

which you has reached end of file. Press [ENTER].

Then, you should see something like this:

Here is where you can adjust the installer options. Press [ENTER] as we will using default configuration except the second last option:

As you can see, in the second last option, “How many file descriptors (or sockets) can the IRCd use?“, here I type in: 64000 as my new option. After that, hit [Enter].
After the last option, the script will start compiling all the necessary things together.

*You can also change the option to suite with your needs.

If everything is OK, you should see something like this:

which indicate you can proceed to the next step.

Now, type “make” to start install.

Now the script will start compiling and install. it may takes sometime to solve.

If all went good with out any errors, then you should see this:

7.Create the following 3 empty files:

8.And finally, the configuration file, unrealircd.conf

Here is an example of working configuration file with notes, so you can easily modify it.
Copy all line below:

9.Now you should be good to go, start the server:

If you get any errors, check the line of the error on the unrealircd.conf

You can verify if you irc has started of not by using netstat:

Anything regarding unrealircd confi file, you can refer it here:

By zam

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12 thoughts on “Install UnrealIRCd on Ubuntu 12.04”
  1. I’ve installed UnrealIRC with your config, yet every channel appears as empty with just the connected user, as if each user who connects gets their own version of a channel. Do you have any ideas what might be causing that?

  2. Bad guide, I hit a stopping point on step 2 and could not proceed because the file did not exist. Are you sure this is Ubuntu and Unrealircd we’re talking about?

    1. Linux is different across the board. The LTS installation I do on my server may not be a mirror image on your server. Learn the different storage locations of config files and you’ll make it a lot farther.

  3. First off all size is more than enough,when installing it folow just the steps,I’m using ubuntu 12.04 and can say that this tutorial is just Bullshit nothing else.And i can say that who ever try this will get more problems than simple clean installation complete installation of IRCD is about 10 min no need for changing anything simple install new version of UnrealIRCD configure it edit unrealircd.conf file as you like xshells can provide way better tutorials than this here


    1. ah. at least you are one that filled with those shit in your face. go fuck yourself and do your homework. I ain’t spoon feed you. learn from the problem motherfucker. 🙂

      Are you a baby??? I’m not your dad. So, it’s not my responsibility to feed you like a small kid. I’ve tried every single instruction written in this tutorial. Even I already deployed it many times for a damn huge scale. Besides, what you aspect? This is a 2012 article. The instruction might differ for today. As you sound like a lamer who always hope someone can feed you every second, go find other place. 🙂

  4. Hey, i get this error when trying to start it:
    [Mon Feb 1 22:58:17 2016] – Error binding stream socket to IP port 6667 –[]:Address already in use

    It seems like some other program is using the same port, but i checked with the last command you wrote and it seems like nothing is using port 6667.

      1. Thank you for fast reply!

        when i run it as root i got another error concerning maximum amount of sockets was 4096 and i set 64000 (im running this of a ubuntu trusty 14.04 server), so i changed this though i still get the unable to bind IP problem, now it is also warning me that it is not suppose to run under root, but i guess this i only a warning and should not stop me from running.

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