For people who are searching for mongodb web admin interface, here I suggest you to use Rockmongo.

RockMongo is a MongoDB administration GUI tool, written in PHP 5.
You can read more at here.

So, first you need to install php-mongo on Ubuntu
Install PHP Pear package;

$sudo apt-get install php-pear

Then, install PHP-Mongo driver that connects PHP and MongoDB;

$sudo pecl install mongo

Then, configure PHP-Mongo driver in Apache2

$nano etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

add line below;

Restart Apache2 server

$sudo service apache2 restart

Then, download Rockmongo from web

Extract to /var/www/ folder

unzip /var/www/

Edit config.php file an fill the required info (if any)
* In my case, I didn’t change anything

Open the web interface at http://localhost/rockmongo/

 Fill the credential (username : admin, password : admin by default)

And here the screenshot of the interface :

By zam

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