Hi all, I guess most of you have seen the new IOS 7 that recently released at WWDC 2013.
So today, for Malaysian people who can’t wait to test the new IOS 7, you can download it over here.

But please bear in mind that this is only works for iPhone 5. And I installed it on my iPhone that I bought in Malaysia.

Here’s the link:
iPhone 5 IOS 7 download link

Step to install IOS 7
1. Download the IOS 7 from the link above.
2. Plug in you iPhone with USB cable to computer.
3. Open you iTunes & click at iPhone button on your top right
4. Then hold option key (Mac) / shift (Windows) at Check for Update button
* Remember, click at Check for Update not Restore iPhone. Or else, you’re doomed!
5. Then just wait for it to finish.

By zam

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