How to install Volatility on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9.2)


Install Xcode
Command Line Tools in the ‘Components’ tab.

Installing Homebrew

Installing XQuartz:
Download installer from
Install using the installer.

Installing Wine with Homebrew

Note: Keeping Wine up-to-date:

Installing Wget with Homebrew

Installing pcre with Homebrew

Installing pip

Recommended packages

Note: Change ownership of ‘opt’ directory to your user account:

Installing Distorm3

Installing Yara

Installing Yara-Python

Test by running python shell:

Installing PyCrypto

Installing PIL – Python Imaging Library

Installing OpenPyxl

Installing Graphviz

Install Graphviz using the installer.

Optional packages

Installing pytz

Installing Anaconda:

Installing IPython:

Installing pyxpress:

Installing libforensic1394:


Install CMake:

Installing Sysinternals Strings:


Installing Volatility 2.3_beta

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  1. Matt

    Brew seems pretty awesome, but A lot of the google code repositories are no longer valid. Is there anyway you can update this procedure? Thanks.


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