Challenge 12 : ezfile sharing

question for challenge 12

and the hint for this challenge:

hint for challenge 12

Initially, one of our teammate was fuzzing around the website and found “.git” folder. Seems related to the hint.

So we try to browse the folder/path:

.git folder/path

Hmm.. As a “layman” person (please guys, don’t try this at home. or any other place. wkwkwkwk), I’ve gone crazy by downloading all the git folder (recursively):

download all git folder content

Not sure why I did that. Maybe for easier to analyze next. Lets see what git -help can provide us with info:

git help menu

hmm.. Lets see if “git show” can provide any clue…

and.. profit! XD

ah! found it! so the flag is: “wgmy:{AdminGitGudPlease}

By zam

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