This server is trying to get us to run some calculations but it's just too fast for us. Can you work out a way to solve this?

Domain: Port: 9010

Let’s try connect to the domain & port given via netcat

Hmm. There’s mathematic question that we need to solve. But we’re too slow on solving it..

What if we create a bot to solve those question?

import pwn
import re

host, port = '', 9010
session = pwn.remote(host, port)

while True:
		what = session.recv(1024)
		questionrm = (what.replace('=','')) #remove =
		print "Q: " + questionrm
		math = eval(questionrm)
		math_str = str(math)
		print "AS: " + math_str
		print session.sendline(math_str)
		print session.recvline()
	except EOFError:

Save it & run. Watch the magic happen…

The flag is: SuperServer1337

By zam

Any Comments?

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